CEI an Amazing Company – Pat Kenny Show.

With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis Akara Robotics, a spin out company from Trinity College Dublin, has developed an ultraviolet sanitising robot. Dr Conor McGinn, Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Department, founded the company and with the advent of the Covid-19 crisis used the company’s skills to develop a robot with artificial intelligence that sanitises surfaces in a hospital environment. The robot can recognise objects and automatically shuts down if a person enters its field of view. He approached CEI on a Friday to obtain a pre-compliance test to enable the use of the robot in a hospital environment under R&D control. He was concerned to ensure that the robot would not interfere with other hospital equipment. Early on the Sunday morning CEI successfully performed the necessary testing. Conor appeared on one of Ireland’s leading radio programmes, the Pat Kenny Show, and kindly acknowledged the contribution that CEI made to getting his product into service quickly. In fact, he called CEI “an amazing company”. Many thanks to Conor for the referral! CEI is pleased to do our bit to help the nation in this time of critical need. We should note that this is only one of the essential services products that CEI has tested at short notice in the past week.