Machinery Safety

Compliance Engineering International is a market leader in machinery safety and provides a range of assessment and engineering services in compliance with safety legislation.
Whether a manufacturer or a user/importer of machines, we can assess your machine and/or its use post installation to ensure compliance with the relevant Irish Statutory Instruments, EU Directives and international standards. For larger machines we will come to yours, or your customer’s facility to perform the assessment. Of significant advantage to our clients, CEI will assess and retrospectively determine the compliance of one-off machines imported into Europe from overseas markets.

If you have in-house staff comfortable with addressing most essential safety requirements, but require assistance with some aspects only, or require an independent third party review to satisfy your customer, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

Do you supply machines to the semiconductor industry? If so, in addition to Machinery Directive assessment, we can review your machine against the increasingly applied SEMI standards. Our engineers and procedures ensure that CEI can meet the strict guidelines laid down in SEMI S7 for Third Party Evaluators.

CEI assists clients to demonstrate compliance to stringent European safety standards.


To ensure your peace of mind that our compliance testing reports are internationally accredited, read more about our international accreditations.

Compliance Engineering International

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