Radiation Hazards

With the advent of the new EMF Directive (2013/35EU), which is mandatory from July 2016, the need for employers to take cognisance of electromagnetic fields and human health is greater than ever. The increased use of radio frequency energy for communications, industrial and medical purposes, in addition to a general increase in public awareness of the issues has resulted in the introduction of new standards and a proposal for EU Directives and recommendations.
The team has extensive experience in this area and has assessed many equipment types with complex emissions profiles to ensure compliance with the standards. The threat level is dependent on many aspects of the exposure, and requires a wide range of equipment and experience to properly assess the risk. Compliance Engineering International, as an independent laboratory with the necessary competence, is recognised as the leading provider of these assessments world-wide.

Compliance Engineering International possess a wide range of radiation hazard monitors, low and high frequency spectrum analysers and transducers that enable characterisation of pulsed, continuous and multi frequency exposure scenarios.

We provide:

Site surveys of EM fields
Detailed assessments when the levels have been exceeded
Interpretation of relevant standards
Assistance with the reduction of excessive levels
Licensed radio operators are often required by local authorities to provide an independent safety assessment of proposed transmitters to ensure public safety. A full report is provided with plots of human exposure level at incremental distances from the mast along with a clear statement of compliance with the appropriate guidelines.

CEI is active on CENELEC committees, (the European electro-technical standardisation body), that are developing standards for publication under the the RTTE Directive and leads the Irish delegation on TC106X.

CEI provides an accredited service for the measurement of electromagnetic fields from a wide variety of transmitters.


To ensure your peace of mind that our compliance testing reports are internationally accredited, read more about our international accreditations.

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