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Compliance Engineering International is a recognised training provider and regularly delivers courses to manufacturers on compliance.

Current Courses:


Machinery Directive: CE Marking for Users & Suppliers of Machines and Safety Components


EMC for Design Engineers


Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health


Electrostatics in The Manufacturing Environment

Tailored courses can also be designed and held on site at your company offices.

We deliver training in conjunction with SQT and Engineers Ireland.

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Courses Information

Machinery Directive

CE Marking for Users & Suppliers of Machines and Safety Components

This course provides an overview of the legislative position on CE Marking of Machinery/Safety Components, including the Low Voltage & EMC Directives. It also covers the technical and procedural aspects involved in Machinery Directive assessments, including testing requirements.

On completing this course the participant will be able to:
  • Structure and implement a CE Marking Safety Strategy
  • Understand the technical requirements of the Machinery & related EU Directives
  • Understand the legislation with regard to Machinery & related EU Directives
  • Interpret compliance requirements/standards and implement them during design, development, manufacture, operation and maintenance of machinery

EMC for Design Engineers

Our training courses provide the design engineer and manager with the working knowledge of standards and compliance requirements to define their product development policy.

The courses provide a good working knowledge of EMC so that the engineer can incorporate the EMC design features necessary to minimise the cost of meeting the EMC Directive. The course covers standards, testing, shielding, cabling, pcb design and filtering.

CEI is running a PCB Design Course in conjunction with MIDAS.

This 4 day EMC Design course provides a good outline of the basics of EM theory and common EMC problems. It will cover all aspects of equipment design necessary to ensure a compliant design with a particular emphasis on PCB design and the implications of the various components. The course will include practical demonstrations and workshops.
Due to demand this course is run regularly.

Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health

This course covers aspects from the basics to interpretation of the guideline standards.

Topics include:
  • The latest information on EU legislation and international standards organisations
  • The characteristics of EMFs over the electromagnetic spectrum and typical sources
  • The basis of the guideline limits
  • An overview of research activities into subtle biological effects
  • An understanding of the measuring techniques and the use of measurement equipment
  • An ability to identify hazards
  • Measurement techniques
  • Mitigation techniques

Electrostatics in the Manufacturing Enviroment

The control of electrostatic levels during the manufacturing process is an essential part of quality assurance. It is of paramount importance to ensure good production yields and the prevention of latent failures which will result in product returns.

The increasing level of sophistication of IC technology is increasing the potential susceptibility of devices. As the effects of electrostatic damage may not be immediately obvious staff awareness and protection systems can deteriorate. The effective control of ESD in the manufacturing environment requires the continual motivation of staff Increasingly stringent customer requirements for high product reliability at component as well as at system level pose new challenges to quality conscious manufacturers. Product design, manufacture, test handling and service all have ESD impacts of ESD scenarios and measuring techniques.

This one day course provides a comprehensive coverage of the subject and will include practical demonstrations of ESD scenarios and measuring techniques.

On completing the course the participants will:
  • Thoroughly understand the generation and action of ESD events.
  • Understand the protection philosophy and design of electrostatic protected areas.
  • Understand the measurement techniques.
  • Understand the application of appropriate quality control measures.


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